Research Service Providers (RSPs) are specialist organisations registered with AusIndustry to undertake R&D on behalf of, and under contract to other companies. RSPs exist to help companies get started with new R&D, to meet short term specialist resource needs in a cost effective way, and/or too minimise the risk of innovating in new fields. The registration process helps provide confidence to companies engage RSPs that the service providers have demonstrated capability in their fields.


R&T Reliability Technologies acquired approval to be registered as a Research Service Provider in April 2013 in the category of Manufacturing Engineering. This enables us to offer clients:

  • Access to our specialist skills and resources without the overheads of staff, plant and equipment.
  • All R&D expenses claimable without the usual $20,000 min limit.
  • A method to develop their intellectual property with less barriers that would normally hold a company back.